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5 BIG Divorce Mistakes

oopsMost people get married thinking their union will last forever - sometimes it doesn't. Deciding to divorce is a difficult and overwhelming step for most. Navigating through the process can be equally as challenging. There isn't a scientific basis behind this list, but as a practitioner, I find that people can sometimes make some big mistakes. Here's my TOP FIVE. - Free Speech vs. The Best Interests of the Children

computer-megaphoneIn the Family Courts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania a former husband and wife are engaged in a continuing battle over custody of their children. In cases where children are involved, most parents want the kids shielded from the anger, fights and disagreements that arise in a divorce. However, a Pennsylvania dad - divorced from his wife in 2005 - started a blog in 2007 - as his new website says the reason for the blog is "to attract others going through similarly difficult divorce and custody situations in order to help them manage theirs  better." Source: Instead, the ex-wife argues that the blog is disparaging to her and is harmful to the children.

Custody Defined: Joint Custody - Sole Custody - Residential Custody

mother-with-childIn almost every initial client interview, I explain the differences between joint custody, sole custody and residential custody. There are many misconceptions about these terms.

Child Support: 'I've lost my job - my 'ex' agrees to let me pay less for now - do I still have to go to Court?'

hands-piggy-bankChild Support payments ordered by the Court become a series of judgments by operation of law. 750 ILCS 5/505(d)

"I take medication for depression, can my wife use that against me in our custody case?"

Pill-BottleThe quick answer is that she can try, but as long as you are functioning and present no danger to the children, this agreement is likely without merit and might even be seen as a tactic to intimidate and/or disparage you to drop your fight for custody. Don't fall for it. This is a tactic your partner is using to intimidate you.